Slave Pallets

Slave Pallets for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

Slave pallets are thick plywood panels used in ASRS systems to support a pallietized load.
Slave pallets come in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes to support the heavest loads. These
can be machined with hand holes for added mobility.
PLywood Thicknesses of  3/4″  to more than 2-1/2″. 

Plywood Slave Pallets can be Cut and shaped to any dimension you specify.

Custom surfacing of Plywood Slave Pallets:

Polyethylene overlay
Metal overlay
Edge banded

Ask about our special engineering and design capabilities, as well as our cost-effective pallet recycling program.

Try our HARDECKS™ Slave Pallet

More durable than softwood plywood, less expensive than plastic or metal.
Built with Group 4 hardwood faces & softwood inner plies, for pallets of maximum density and strength. HARDECKS™ offer as much as eight times the wear ability of regular plywood or softwoods – with the same easy engineering and workability you expect from wood.




Douglas Fir Panel starts flaking at 500 LBS and failure at 800 LBS

HARDECKS™ Made to withstand pressures of 1,400+ lbs. without flaking or failure.


Plywood pallet parts!

Thicknesses of 1″ to more than 2-1/2″.

Cut and shaped to the dimensions you specify.

The pallet products and applications you need:
Pallet decks
Pallet blocks
Beer keg pallets
Flow rack pallets
Hardwood-faced pallets

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